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5 Ways to Boost Your Résumé Content

If you’re updating your résumé for a new job opportunity, then distinguish your candidacy from the competition by providing quantifiable examples of your achievements.  Show prospective employers how you’ve affected change by crafting your bullet points around these questions.

Solving Problems

  • What are some of your recent success stories, when it comes to the problems you were you hired to solve?  What steps did you take to solve these problems?

  • Were there any problems you recognized that had been overlooked?  How did you uncover and ultimately solve these problems?

Demonstrating Initiative

  • What projects did you undertake or what problems did you solve that weren’t part of your original job description?  How did your new undertakings redefine the scope of your original job?  What were the results of the new responsibilities you procured?

  • Did you receive any promotions or were you given more responsibility?  How soon from when you started with the company did this happen?

Increasing Productivity & Efficiency

  • In what ways have your contributions help increase productivity (such as efficiency, sales, profits)?  Can you quantify the results (percentages or dollar amounts)?

  • What processes did you introduce that helped save the company time and/or money?

  • What did you do that made your job easier or the job of others more efficient?   Can you quantify the results (time, percentages, dollar amount saved)?

Driving Innovation

  • Did you introduce and establish any new objectives, systems or goals for the company?  What were the circumstances and results?

  • What significant changes did you make to any of the systems?  Why were your ideas adopted and how can you quantify the results?  What recognition did you receive?

Training Others

  • Did you train anyone and/or did you introduce anything new to the training process?  Compare your results to how training was done before your ideas were adopted.  What’s different about how those trainees are performing now?

Need a 2nd opinion?

For a free assessment of your résumé, email it as an attachment to and include in the subject line, ASSESS MY RESUME.

We’ll respond promptly with any recommendations.


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