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Spice Up Your Résumé Content Using This Bullet Point Mashup

Doing something every day is easier than writing about it. If you’re struggling with your résumé; articulating your experience and accomplishments on paper, check out this bullet point mashup we pulled from the résumés of some real job seekers.

  • Converted an 80-hour manual process into a fully autonomous application. The application consumes multiple Excel files and generates over 2,000 PDF reports. The application runs quarterly, saving the company 320 hours per year.

  • Developed an internal generic survey questionnaire application to allow departments to deploy, capture, and report on key business metrics and processes. The application was built using HTML 5, jQuery / JavaScript, ASP.NET MVC, EF 6, and SQL Server.

  • Complete migration from expensive multihomed infrastructure on Firehost (Now Armor) to efficient, Agile, secure and easily manageable AWS platform. Reduced monthly hosting fees by over 80 percent.

  • Slashed datacenter footprint and costs by migrating 90% of servers to VSI technology, and by decommissioning 100+ blades.

  • Hardened our system security by Introducing an HA Proxy firewall between our services and the rest of the network, allowing for advanced routing.

  • Planned and coordinated seamless firewall platform migration from Cisco ASA to Juniper SRX

  • Handled the equity roll out of Latent Zero trading, portfolio analysis, and compliance for the former portfolio managers. Controlled issues log and master configuration document to assure efforts were optimized, repeatable, and streamlined. 

  • Built a security installation prototype in PowerShell. Security installation went from days to minutes. The tool updated various configuration files and installed certificates, IIS bindings, etc.

  • Maintained and developed batch scripts for end-of-day related processing and production environment monitoring, using SQL/stored procs, ksh/sh, and Perl.

  • Designed and implemented an enterprise grade application to allow end users the ability to report, query, and analyze data from our enterprise data warehouse. The single page application was built using HTML5, CSS, jQuery / JavaScript, ASP.NET MVC, EF 6, and SQL Server 2014.

  • Piloted Docker/Kubernetes implementation with Jenkins and AWS GovCloud workflow for securely transfer documents from S3 to customers using CloudFront.

  • Architected and implemented a data pipeline, using Kafka, Spark, and Cassandra, to power a real-time advertisement pricing engine capable of processing millions of records per day from multiple data streams.

Your job may not be as technical, but hopefully these will remind you of where you made an impact professionally and give you a little inspiration on updating your own résumé.


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