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The Downside to Posting Your Résumé Online

When you’re on the market for a new job, often a knee jerk reaction is to post your résumé online and wait for the phone calls and emails to come in.  Although it may seem harmless, here are some important issues to consider first.

Consequences to Posting Your Résumé Online

  • If your current employer subscribes to the job board you upload your résumé to, then you can alert them that you are looking to leave.

  • Online job boards are often where inexperienced recruiters first look to grow their portfolio.  Therefore you may not be connecting with the most qualified agents to broker your interviews and offer package.   High performance recruiters focus on finding you the right fit, not racing against everyone else to get you submitted everywhere first.

  • You can be subjected to bad ethics.  Some headhunters may send your résumé to prospective employers without your consent.  This in turn can jeopardize your candidacy by creating conflict with you applying directly or working with another agency that presented you with the same opportunity.

  • An employer that reviews your profile online may see something they don’t like and rule out your candidacy for the wrong reasons.

 Alternatives That Yield Better Results

  • Step one; network, network, network.  Ask your peers in the same field how they got their jobs and if they can recommend you to companies and/or a recruiter they trust.

  • If you’re going to visit job websites, spend your time applying to jobs with a well-crafted résumé & cover letter, articulating why you are a fit for the employer’s need.

  • Lastly, if you absolutely insist on posting your résumé online, set your contact info & current employer to confidential.  This will protect your privacy and allow you to evaluate the professionalism of those that contact you.

Common career websites can be can offer great assistance to your job search however it’s important you know the most strategic way to use them.  Good luck!


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