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An Employee Resigning is an Opportunity to Innovate Your Team

Updated: Apr 19

We recently spoke with a tech leader shortly after one of their engineers resigned. They tasked us with finding the replacement.

In preparation for our meeting to define the requirements, I gave them 4 points to think about, on the premise of not dusting off the old job description, but treating this as a new position.

Incumbent limitations: What were the caveats of the person who quit that should now be emphasized in the new description?

Audit the remaining team: What skills gaps/redundancies are on the current staff; abilities you need more (or less of) to better balance the group?

1st year expectations: As you treat this as a new role, what does this person need to contribute to your future business objectives, at least in the first 12 months?

Promotability: What's the next level the new hire can aspire to? Maybe the last person didn't have the same ambitions. You can now find someone whose personality aligns with the long term potential.

TLDR; When one of your team members resigns, don't just copy/paste the old job description.

Use this as an opportunity to build your future. Hire who you'll need for tomorrow, not who was there yesterday.


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