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Not Hiring? Use the Downtime to Build a Competitive Advantage

Updated: Apr 19

Your team is fully staffed or on a hiring freeze. You have no immediate openings on the horizon. This downtime is a prime opportunity to sow the seeds of future success.

Here are five areas to focus on now to stay competitive for when the time comes to expand your team.

Assess Your Talent Pool Against Future Projects:

Evaluate the skills and abilities you'll need for business objectives in the next 12-24 months. Audit of your existing staff to identify skill gaps and redundancies. This analysis will guide internal training initiatives and pinpoint areas for external recruitment.

Map the Market for Relevant Competitors:

Develop a heatmap of competitors housing talent aligned with your future needs; tech stack, industry, location, even reputation. When time comes to hire, you won't be starting the search from scratch. You'll also move faster than other employers still stuck following reactive recruitment practices.

Optimize Your Job Descriptions

Refine your job description template to enhance accuracy and allure. A proper Q&A about the vacancy will enable you to craft a clear and compelling description. The result will captivate top-tier candidates, igniting their interest in joining your organization.

Innovate Your Interview Process:

Revise your interview procedures to streamline efficiency, reduce latency, and enhance decision-making. Create a flowchart for each step from résumé to start date. There should be a call to action for every step in the interview journey, whether the feedback on a candidate is yes, no, even maybe. Then have all the stakeholders involved acknowledge what what each will be responsible for. Hold everyone accountable so nobody is ever 'waiting for feedback'.

Reinforce Your Recruiting Resources:

Bolster your recruiting capabilities, beginning with internal talent acquisition teams. Equip them with the right data to conduct thorough candidate searches. Utilize data from past applications to gather market insights. Forge strategic partnerships with the recruiting agencies that previously gave you the best outcomes. Leveraging the relationship and their expertise for better terms and priority service.

Most tech leaders will ignore this and continue with business as usual. But a few will sharpen their axe to ensure they don't miss out on hiring the best people. Be in the right pool.


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