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Reset, Don’t Just Reopen After a Hiring Freeze

As organizations continue to get back to normal, here’s a story that may be relevant to your company.

A technology executive we work closely with was hiring for their team before an uncertain economy forced them to reevaluate spending. As the hiring freeze ended several months later, they got the greenlight to interview again and wanted to see candidates ASAP.

We were tapped to pick up the search and after revisiting the original job description, realized it was outdated and potentially inaccurate. Although it seemed redundant, we invited them to a follow up call about the reopened role.

A few things we discussed:

  • How have priorities for your team changed in past several months?

  • What are some of the new goals this person will be part of?

  • What do you now expect this person to accomplish for you over next 6-12 months?

  • As your current team grew from what we all experienced, what skills could you use more (or less) of to balance the group?

Some of the role had remained, but a few key changes changes and had us more accurately profiling the right candidate.

Efficiency right now is critical, so we hope these points can protect other IT managers from spending time on the wrong candidates as their positions reopen.


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