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Struggling With Your Job Search? Regroup and Step Up!

You’ve been searching for a job for weeks, maybe even months. You’re applying to jobs every day with no luck; getting rejected, being ghosted after interviews, and often not knowing where your résumé is going.

As much as you may be losing hope, know that you’re not the first person on the planet to be in this situation. Instead of continuing to go through the same motions, it's time to step back and pivot. You’re skillful and know how to solve problems, but maybe you just need a nudge in another direction.

First, stop blasting the same résumé everywhere and start tailoring your application for each job. Employers need to easily see your relevant qualifications for their job description. This may mean you apply to less jobs each day; quality over quantity. Spend time reading through the job description then craft your bullet points around what they need.

Once you start drafting multiple résumés, you’ll need to organize your job search. “Save as” each resume in a folder on your computer along with the job description. It may seem tedious at first, but when you get called in for an interview, you’ll know which résumé to print and bring with you.

Next, start embracing consulting jobs. If you can land a short term contract, you’ll get some current experience on your résumé, even if the job isn’t an exact fit. At least you’re back to work and contributing to something.

Stop judging companies for not getting back to you. There’s a lot of injustice in this world. Some of it’s going to come your way. You can’t control a company’s interview process. Some places are just more organized than others. Stay professional, don’t be spiteful, and move on.

Finally, if you haven’t already, swallow your pride and use your network. This means choosing your discomfort. You’re either going to be uncomfortable sitting at home unemployed, or uncomfortable asking for help. There are people you know in high places. Be genuine, but lean on them.

As dismal as may seem, just know that fortune will come to those who look for it. Success is on you!


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