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Just Got Laid Off? Here's Your Action Plan.

There may come a time, regardless of how hard you worked, how great the product was, how awesome your team was, that your company downsizes or closes its doors and you’re unexpectedly on the market for a new job.  Before you start blasting out a default résumé, consider these 10 tips:

  1. Audit your goals.  What do you want to do more (or less of) in your next job?  Is this the time to follow that dormant passion?  Are you willing to use your next job as a short term spring board to get you where you really want to be?  Maybe time to relocate?  One door closes, but you have to find another door to open.  Outline the criteria of the possible jobs you’d be willing to take then widen your search.

  2. Create a budget.  How much runway do you have with your severance or savings? What luxuries can you cut out until you land a new position?

  3. Update your résumé and profiles; not just LinkedIn and your personal website, but also Angel List, GitHub, UpWork.  There are some really strong opportunities hidden in the not so popular channels.  As for content, focus on your accomplishments, where you impacted change, what you learned.

  4. Think twice before posting your résumé to an online job board.  You’ll encounter a TON of spam and a handful of other issues.

  5. Customize your résumé for each job you apply to.  Take the time to emphasize your relevant qualifications to the job description then “Save As” each résumé for that company. When you get called for the interview, you’ll know which one to print and bring with you.

  6. Use your network in the areas you want to work.  Check your LinkedIn, Meetup and Angel list connections.  Let people know you’re on the market and what you can bring to the table.  Opportunities are hidden in the ask.

  7. Keep your skill sharp with courses and freelance gigs from Coursera, Udemy, Upwork, TopTal etc…

  8. Finish those personal projects and get them on your résumé as additional experience.  Showcase your relevant and transferable skills.

  9. When in doubt, take the interview.  If the role checks even a few of the boxes of your criteria from #1, go meet with them.  You never know what could come out of a meeting.

  10. Finally, don’t blame the system.  There’s a lot of injustice in the world.  Some of it’s going to come your way.  Employers have different hiring processes and levels of urgency.  Stay professional, avoid the nasty email if you’re ghosted and just keep moving forward.

Remember, you’re not the first person to ever be in this situation.  Others have successfully landed great jobs after being laid off and so can you.  If you’re struggling or looking for insight into your job search, email and include in the subject JOB SEARCH.  We’re on standby to help.


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